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Agrumax All-Natural GSE Concentrate - Eliminate The Causes Of Chronic Sinusitis At Their Source! Agrumax is an all-natural concentrate, having no known toxicity or side effects. Some doctors recommend using Agrumax in a nasal spray application for the elimination of fungi and sinus irritants. A Mayo clinic study linked mold and fungi in the nasal cavities with chronic sinusitis. A few drops of Agrumax can also help relieve other fungi-related conditions like parasites, athlete's foot, candida, herpes, and diarrhea. Agrumax's all-natural active ingredients are citrus extracts from lemon, orange, tangerine and grapefruit. Agrumax is safe to use while using other saline or steroid nasal sprays. 30-ml Bottle. Agrumax does NOT qualify for our product match program 2-1oz bottles. Expiration date 02-2020
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